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Benefits and Features

UCard perks

Depending on your status at the U (Student, Staff, or Faculty) your UCard entitles you to a specific set of privileges, such as:

Library Privileges  
Student priced tickets for campus events  
Student services and programs  
Campus Recreation privileges  
Meal plan paid as part of your residential living fees  
Door access to your dorm or other buildings on campus  
Campus Store discount for Students, Staff and Faculty  
Identification for the Testing Center  



UCash is money you deposit on your card, making it easy to purchase around campus without having to carry cash.

You can make a deposit with cash, check, debit or credit card to your UCash account at the

  • UCard Offices located in the Union Rm 158 or University Hospital LL2 Room B016, Accute Care Center
  • Marriott Library Deposit Station
  • Online Card Office

Spending UCash

UCash Funds can be used at the following locations:

All campus dining facilities
Various Vending Machines throughout campus
Various Printing Services and Copy Machines throughout campus
University Campus Store
Anywhere you see the UCard logo
Last Updated: 4/30/20