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New UCard Costs  


Lost or damaged card


Hospital department title change


Department copy visitor access, contractor, public patron printing


Stolen Card (with police report) - Call 801-581-2273



Other Fees

Monthly Access Fee (based on device)

  • Event/Activity Reader, $20.68 per month per device
  • Infor POS/Kiosk Register, $72.67 per month per device

Transactions are paid to departments on the 1st and 15th each month through an e-journal entry.

Setup questions, 801.585.3285

Billing questions, 801.585.1431

Uniprint (Pharos)

System Access 0.02 per print

Chartfields provided will be used for monthly billing and repairs. Departments wishing to use a chartfield for monthly billing and a separate chartfield for repairs, please notify Bryon Buchmiller by email.

Billing will be itemized by building or departments within a building. Fees are subject to change per yearly review and evaluation.

Billing questions, 801.585.1431

Custom Card Reqeusts

Questions, 801.581.3343


 *All pricing subject to change.


Last Updated: 6/7/21